Dress Code

Kids in our Academy are encouraged to wear these colors during their classes. The purpose of this dress code is to create a disciplined, no judgment and professional atmosphere. Classes look polished and students are able to concentrate on their skill and training, not on their wardrobe. 

Level 1 (ages 3-4) – Light Pink 

Level 2/3 (Ages 4-6) – Pink

Level 4/5 (Ages 6-10) – Teal/Blue

Level 6 (Ages 11+) – Purple

Ballet –  A leotard or shirt of proper color, tights, ballet slippers and a skirt/shorts/pants.

Jazz/Hip Hop – A leotard or shirt of proper color, ballet slippers, non skid socks or Jazz shoes, pants/shorts/etc. 

Ballroom – A leotard or shirt of proper color, non skid socks, Jazz shoes or Ballroom shoes, pants/shorts/skirts etc. 

OUR STORE : These items may all be purchased at Ardance along with costumes and dance wear and shoes. Our Store is open during normal classes or with an appointment. Call/text 570-231-0061 or info@ardancestudio.com

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