Academy Method & FAQs

Welcome to Ardance! Our studio is changing what dance training means in the area. We’re creating bonds bigger than life, love for dance, and training our students to achieve their maximum! We are proud to be the highest training dance center in the Tri-State area. Don’t believe us? Check out our awesome students and their results, our raving parents and stop in and try a class to see the difference!

Things to know!

Technique and Training

We at Ardance feel that every child should be given the skills and training needed to pursue serious dance careers, should they wish. All too often, Dance Studios fail to provide quality classes and instead offer socializing for the kids. That’s fun for the kids, but the truth is: they’re not learning what they should be. Every good dancer has a foundation of years of training, corrections, hard work and dedicated teachers. You can easily tell the difference with these types of dance teachers and studios, their students of many years don’t resemble the dancers they should – they attend weekly classes but the result is not there. We strive to provide every child with an amazing technical foundation so should they pursue a professional career, they would have the necessary skill set to achieve their dreams.  We are truly proud to offer the best training in the Tri-State area, and don’t take our word for it- listen to our students, students that have transferred, parents and most of all – look at our results.

Our Studio

Our location is equipped with one of a kind European Subfloors preventing injuries and creating a beautiful and safe dance space for our students. Our studio space is newly renovated with brand new flooring, mirrors, etc. We keep the space spotless and clean at all times with daily cleanings. Our location is open and their is no door preventing parents from watching their kids. You are able to observe all of class should you wish or drop offs are also welcome. We are located near all local supermarkets, stores and shops. Security is always on site in case of emergencies.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are trained properly and lead the classes. A common scenario is elder students teaching younger classes while the studio hides behind a name. We do not find this acceptable and will always provide a trained and qualified teacher for each and every class. The majority of our classes are taught by our Director Miss. Anna, a Vaganova graduate. More information to her background is available on our website. Our teachers demonstrate all technique, routines, etc in classes and provide a good example to the children. 

Russian Ballet 

Russian Ballet has been known for years to be the highest quality of Ballet and Ballet training. Although easily accessible in today’s market, the dulled down “kiddy” version of Ballet is nowhere near the skill level of Vaganova/Russian Ballet training. The difference is in the lines, grace, and abilities of the dancers. Vaganova/Russian Ballet students are trained for years to achieve the results they do. Every year, intensity increases so that they are formed into beautiful young dancers. We are proud to be the only local studio offering authentic Russian Ballet Training and Technique focused Class Curriculums.

Our Atmosphere

We do not tolerate judgment or drama of any sort. Once apart of our family, you will be treated as family. We do not gossip or participate in such. You are apart of our beautiful and welcoming family. Every student is treated the same. Furthermore, we do not engage in petty competitions with other dance studios. You might notice studio owners latching on to each and every student for dear life and engaging in foolish behavior in order to promote their space. We simply do not. We offer something unique and high quality, something we encourage every potential student to see for them self with a trial class.

Our Recitals and Performance Opportunities

We offer multiple opportunities for our students to showcase their new skills every year. We encourage participation, however it is not required. Whether the children performed or not, they learned valuable skills and received quality training. We do not dedicate the whole year/semester to a show as commonly done with recreational Dance studios. The end goal is so the children learn and grow, not just learn steps. 

Year Round Classes and Ongoing Registration

Our classes are year round, for approximately 50 weeks (Holidays are taken off). We do not take months off and require re-registration every semester. Our registration fee is valid for the entire length of a student’s training with us, it is a One Time Fee – not yearly. Registration is also offered year round. It is never too late to get started!

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